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London Christian Tour 2017

London Christian Tour Creation TripWe’ve created a tour full of some of the very best that London has to offer! The entire tour will be specially guided by our director Nate Loper, and will include insightful teaching and narrative you won’t find anywhere else.

London Tour Itinerary

All-in-all that’s over 25 iconic tourist attractions and sightseeing spots that we will be visiting together, with many more gems to discover as we venture from place to place!

About the Author
Nate Loper is the Director of London Christian Tour. He has been a pastor in Colorado and California, and was also the director of the Genesis Creation Science Institute for 12 years. He has spoken at various schools and conferences on a variety of creation science and biblical history topics, and has given biblical creation and archaeology tours through numerous museums around the world. He is also a rim and river guide for Canyon Ministries, providing daily trips and tours in the Grand Canyon National Park.