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Touring London for nearly 20 years
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As part of the Association for Biblical Science and Archaeology, London Christian Tour is more than just a sightseeing experience.  What sets us apart from your average point-and-talk tour is that we incorporate solid biblical history and spiritual application into nearly everything we do.

At grand cathedrals, we showcase features that help give insight into the rise, reformation, and revival of Christianity throughout England and the rest of Europe.  Through places like the British Museum, we study world-class biblical archaeology in helping the events in the Bible come alive.  In other places like the Natural History Museum, we see the handiwork of God revealed through His creation.

We’re here to show you a whole new perspective that you may never gain otherwise.  One thing people have often said about our trips and tours is they get to explore and experience the rarely-seen places the average tour just doesn’t go to.  That’s certainly the case with our London Christian Tour.  From easily missed and hidden rooms at Westminster Abbey, to high tea in a private apse in an ancient undercroft, we have lots of hidden gems to show you that will make you feel like a true London insider.

Our London Christian Tour is full of great sights and destinations, and also various teachings about church history, biblical archaeology, creation science, and more.  Above and beyond all else, will strive to honor God and bring glory to His name in everything we do, as we grow together throughout our time exploring this iconic city of world history and culture.

As Christ-followers, we have the unique perspective of not only seeing amazing sights and historic locations, but also knowing and learning more about the One who has woven those histories and events together.  We can’t think of a better way to travel and see such incredible places than with fellow believers in the family of God.

We invite you to experience a tour on a higher level!

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