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London Christian Tour FAQ

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Why choose London Christian Tour?

London Christian TourSure, you can go to places like London by yourself or with another tour group…and you may never know what you’re missing.  But we don’t think that’s good enough.  We’re here to show you a whole different perspective that you may never gain otherwise.

One thing people have always said about our trips and tours is that they get to explore and experience the rarely-seen places that the average tourist just doesn’t go to.  That’s certainly the case with our London Christian Tour.  From easily missed and hidden rooms at Westminster Abbey, to the best hole-in-the-wall curry spot in Earl’s Court, we have lots of hidden gems to show you that will make you feel like a true London insider.

What sets us apart from your average point-and-talk tour is that we try to incorporate biblical history, creation science, and spiritual application into everything we do.  At various locations, we will showcase features that help give insight into the rise, reformation, and revival of Christianity throughout England and the rest of Europe.  We will also highlight aspects of the battle between the Bible and evolutionary teaching, and the relationship between science and scripture.

Above and beyond all else, we will strive to honor God and bring glory to His name in everything we do, as we grow together throughout our time sightseeing and exploring this amazing historical city.

Albert Memorial Hyde Park - London Christian TourHow many people will be with us?

In order to engage with everyone on this tour and provide a truly open learning environment and flexibility for activities we typically limit this tour to only 8-10 attendees.

This helps us be able to see the behind-the-scenes locations that would be impossible with a large group.  It also helps us travel, learn, and grow together as a family during these 7 days.  With our London Christian Tour, we’re all about developing personal relationships with other believers and helping them strengthen their personal relationship with their Creator God.

All individual attendees by themselves need to be at least 18 years old, or at least 10 years of age if traveling and staying with parents.  We have family discounts available for children in the same room.

How will we get around London during our tour?

We will be traveling the same 3 main ways every other Londoner does on a daily basis:

London Underground.
Most often referred to as “The Tube”.  This will be our primary means of travel as we venture daily to the various museums and attractions we visit. The first underground metro rail ever created, and still one of the most used and most efficient underground travel systems in the world…MIND THE GAP!

London Bus System
Yes, they still have the classic red buses and they are used every day!  Some are a standard single-level bus, and others are the iconic two-level size with great views from high up as we travel down the narrow, winding London streets.  These will be used less often than the tube, but what trip to London would be complete without a ride on an iconic “Double-decka”?

London is a walking city.  Whether it’s going between various attractions or just to the nearest tube station, you’ll quickly realize that nearly EVERYONE walks here…probably much more than most Americans are used to.  You’ll soon find yourself enjoying the walks to and from tube stations, as every corner and street shop we pass is filled with deep history and iconic London style.  It’s the best way to see and experience the life of the city!

Unlimited Travel in the Heart of London
While we are together in London we will be using the Oyster travel card system.  This convenient touch-and-go system will allow you unlimited travel throughout the heart of London’s Zone 1 and 2 via easy access on the bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground, and most National Rail services in  London.  You will be free to use your travel card throughout London’s central areas, even during evenings and “free time” outside the daily tour activities.  The price of this travel around London is included in your London Christian Tour.

What about food?

Food is one of those things that is difficult to plan for and make everyone happy, especially in a different environment than you may be used to.  This is why as we travel to various locations throughout the day, it will be up to you to decide what you would like to purchase and eat at places we stop at or are nearby.  That’s part of the reason we don’t factor food into the cost of this particular tour, as everyone has different preferences and budgets.

Most evenings you will be free to go wherever you would like to sample the best of London.  From nightlife street vendors to fine dining, we highly recommend you try various things and really enjoy the great international foods that London has to offer.  With not-to-be-missed classic fish and chips to exotic curries and carved kebabs, London is full of delectable culinary surprises!

Gorgeuos Panoramic View of the Thames River from The Tower Bridge at Sunset

Why do you not include the cost of airfare in the London Christian Tour?

There are a few reasons why we ask you to make your own travel arrangements to and from London.  Firstly, we often have people attending our tours from all over the US and even other countries.  To book a group flight from the US to England would be difficult for schedules, as well as more costly in the long run because everyone would need to meet together in a departure city, often necessitating they book an additional flight to that city.

Flight to Europe symbolic image of travel by plane map.The other reason we don’t book a group flight is that it gives the tour participants more flexibility with their travel preferences.  Some may have a preferred airline or frequent flyer program they use. Others choose to make the London Christian Tour part of a larger trip and may arrive in London a few days before, or stay a few days after we’re done with our tour.  By asking everyone to make their own travel arrangements to and from London, we are allowing for the maximum flexibility and least expensive travel options available.



We’re always here to help with any questions or travel plans you may have, from what airports and hotels we recommend before or after our tour, to catching the Eurostar to Paris!  Let us know any questions you may have!


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