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2021 London Christian Tour Postponed


Hi fellow travelers!  Due to the ongoing COVID disruption around the world affecting travel plans and the availability of tourist locations, we’ve decided to cancel the London Christian Tour for 2021.  We plan to resume with a tour in 2022, but that will still have to wait to be seen.

Nate Loper

We hope to soon walk the amazing streets of London and learn about the amazing history, science, and archaeology seen there once again. 

Nate Loper


London British Museum History Archaeology - Nate Loper


About the Author
Nate Loper is the Director of London Christian Tour. He has been a pastor in Colorado and California, and was also the director of the Genesis Creation Science Institute for 12 years. He has spoken at various schools and conferences on a variety of creation science and biblical history topics, and has given biblical creation and archaeology tours through numerous museums around the world. He is also a rim and river guide for Canyon Ministries, providing daily trips and tours in the Grand Canyon National Park.